vacation Bible schooling

You know prior to my own kids, I’d never been to a vacation Bible school!  All the fun and learning I’d missed!!  Once to a day camp on S.I. but otherwise clueless as to what went on.

Have a seeking heart?  Have little kids who need spirit nurturing?  This is the place for you. Find a local VBS near you, quick.  Now that most schools are out they happen at a church nearby.  Different church, different flavor, no two exactly the same.  Even when they have same theme they are distinct. Great songs, great lessons, some prizes and good friendships to be had; best of all you can be introduced to the very best Friend you’ll ever make and have, Jesus.  Spiritual lift just thinking about it!

Our churches this year is farm themed.  Cowabunga!  We’re going to sow good seed and wait for a great crop of faith, salvation, and fruit.  We’ll feed on the milk of the Word and watch His creation grow.

Besides farming, you can explore a cave, visit faraway places, swim in the ocean, and so much more.  Don’t miss out.  If you’re near East Brunswick, NJ come check us out.vbs2016wchin